Gut Wrench Radio Interviews Justin LaBar

He joined us a few years ago to set up Wrestlemania when we were the NWO of Podcasts. Well he’s back to answer all the questions about this years Mania. Justin is very plugged into the wrestling world and answers the question ”Why we shouldn’t be mad about AJ Styles vs Shane O’Mac” among others. Give it a listen and make sure you let @JustinLaBar know you enjoyed his interview on the show.

Burgundy and Gold Hour 2017 Off-Season Episode 2

The circus is back in town, join your ringmasters Matt and Rick as they try to make sense of this three ring circus. Matt and Rick get into the firing of Scot Mccloughan, the loss of Garcon, Jackson and Swaggy Baker to free agency and discuss the new players joining the Redskins. It wouldn’t be the Burgundy and Gold Hour if we didn’t take your tweets and answer them the best we can. After the break we talk March Madness and give you our picks for the brackets.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 30

After a disappointing Fast Lane PPV, Matt and Todd are here to go over everything in the world of Pro Wrestling. We recap Fast Lane, Raw, and Smackdown. After the break we get into the situation brewing between Anthem/Impact Wrestling and the Broken Hardy Family. We also recap and give our thoughts about Ring of Honors 15th Anniversary PPV from Friday night. Remember to follow and tweet with us @GutWrenchRadio using the hashtag #GWR

Burgundy and Gold Hour 2017 Off-Season Episode 1

We are here to bring you all the happenings of the off-season. Rick and Matt get into the drama around Redskins park, and of course we get into the contract status of Kirk Cousins. We will be back next week to talk free agency so stay tuned


Gut Wrench Radio episode 29

After a long break your favorite wrestling podcast is back. Matt and Todd are reunited to discuss breaking news. We start with all the news about the Hardy’s and their futures with Impact Wrestling. After the break we get into all things WWE, from KO and Y2J to Bray Wyatt as the WWE Champion

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 2 episode 23

On the final episode of this season, Matt and Rick give you their thoughts on the Redskins season. The guys give you their opinions on what this team needs to improve and take the next step. Of course we answer your twitter questions and we get a surprise call from Mr. Cooke. Although this is the last show for this season, we will be back for a third season around the time of free agency. So keep following us on twitter and look out for the next show.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 2 episode 22

The Burgundy and Gold Hour is back to get you ready for a possible playoff push. First the Redskins need to be the Giants, but we will get you ready for Sunday. After an impressive win over the Bears on Christmas Eve we are here to talk about Kirk, Kelley, Gruden, the Secondary, and more.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 2 episode 21

The season may be coming to an end, and the Redskins aren’t doing as well as everyone had hoped. But Matt and Rick are back to help you get thru this. We recap the Panthers game, talk the Pro Bowl selections, and talk about the show The Timeline. We also get into Gruden, Cousins, Kelley, Reed and of course the defense. Everyone enjoy your Christmas and thank you for supporting the show

Gut Wrench Radio episode 26


Get ready for WWE Roadblock with your favorite wrestling podcast. First we give you all the details of the WWE UK Tournament that was announced this week and of course we get into Total Nonstop Deletion. After the break we give you our picks for Roadblock ”End of the Line” and finish off with some quick hits