Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 2 episode 10


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Well the Redskins finally pulled out a victory on Sunday over division rivals the NY Giants. Matt and Rick recap all the injuries and roster moves made by the team this week. We discuss how well they played after losing key players. Also we spotlight the emerging young players that this team has and what their roles will be going forward. We preview the Browns game, and debate Burgundy vs Yellow pants. Spread the word and make sure you rate and review the show on iTunes.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 18


With Night of Champions this weekend, Matt and Todd are back with our picks and preview. But first we get into some TNA talk. Who from TNA is WWE sending out feelers too? Was the offer WWE submitted to buy TNA a real offer? Well you will have to listen to find out. Remember to rate and review us on iTunes, and give us a follow @GutWrenchRadio on twitter. #GWR4Life


Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 2 episode Nine


Well after another loss on the season and this one to the dreaded Cowboys, Rick and Matt are here to fill you in on all that’s happening with the Redskins. We discuss the rumors of trouble in the locker room and the frustrations with Kirk Cousins. The team made some moves by placing Kedric Golston on IR, and they added a few more players to practice squad. There are a few positives to discuss about the loss, and of course we have to preview the game against the Giants. Matt Broadrix gives you some solid fantasy advice, we discuss the Nats chances in the playoffs and Rick fills us in on something pretty cool that is happening at FedEx Field

Gut Wrench Radio episode 17


The boys are back to recap Backlash, CM Punk’s UFC fight, the Alberto Del Rio and Paige Saga comes to a close, and of course we get into the CWC and the New Cruiserweight Champion


Burgundy and Gold Hour Season Two Episode Eight


The Burgundy and Gold Hour is presented by Bobby Vans Steak House located at 809 15th St NW DC. Check BobbyVans.com and tell them Rick and Matt sent you!

Following a loss on Monday night to the Steelers, we are back to recap everything Redskins. We discuss the lack of a pass rush, the choice to have Norman not blanket Brown and of course we preview the Dallas game. After the break we take your questions and discuss many other topics in and out of football.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 16


Your boys are back to preview Backlash, talk about the release of ADR and what the future holds for Paige. We get into our feelings about CM Punk in the UFC, and what chances he has at 203. Also we talk about TNA and the Delete or Decay match at the Hardy compound.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season Two episode Seven


The rosters are set and its time for real football, so of course your favorite Redskins podcast is back to get you ready for the regular season. We talk surprise cuts, surprises that made the roster and which players have changed numbers. We get you ready for Monday night against the Steelers and let you know who will be the starter at RB. After the break we open the twitter mailbag and discuss a range of topics from the Terps, Nationals, and where the new Redskins stadium will end up.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 15


Kind of a grab bag on this weeks episode of #GWR. The first half of the show we talk Kevin Owens big Universal Title win on Raw. We get into the possibilities of where the angle will go with HHH, and of course there are haters that we have to address. After the break we get into a variety of topics from TNA, WWE, NXT, CWC and we get into PWI’s 500.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season Two Episode Six


The Burgundy and Gold Hour presented by Bobby Vans Steak House brings you episode six. In this weeks episode we look back at the game against the Bills. We talk heavily about about the run game and the battle at running back. We get into the defense, signing of Cullen Jenkins, the failed physical of Brian Stork and Kirk Cousins. After the break we answer your questions from the Sweet Lou Mailbag, talk crabs and the life of Gene Wilder.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season Two episode Five


Your favorite Redskins Podcast is back. We get into all the news this week out of Redskins Park, starting with a look back at the second preseason game against the Jets. We get into the injury to Matt Jones, and discuss the trade for Brian Stork. After the break we take our first call, get into your twitter questions and talk a little Nats.