Around the Ring with TCB “Summer Slam Edition”

Around the Ring with TCB “Summer Slam Edition”

By Tom Block contributor to Gut Wrench Radio



SummerSlam, the WWE’s second biggest PPV, is descending on Brooklyn NY this Sunday evening. You have a kickoff show starting at 5 p.m. ET and the main show starting at 7 p.m. ET. There’s so many matches with this co-branding event, let’s get down to the matches and the predictions.


Cruiserweight Championship — Akira Tozawa (c) vs. Neville (Kickoff Show)

I’ll be honest, I’m one of those who doesn’t pay much attention to this division. Neville has done a tremendous job as the champion but it’s clear his time has come with the surprising decision to have Tozawa win on RAW. The rematch occurs and I can’t see a reason to do another title switch. I wouldn’t be surprised if Neville moves up the card. 

Prediction: Tozawa

 Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz vs. The Miz & The Miztourage (Kickoff Show)

Strung together at the last minute since the Hardy’s had no challengers with Scott Dawson out with injury and you could tell Monday night on RAW this was probably going to happen. Make no mistake, Jason Jordan isn’t getting the rub WWE hoped for with this stupid Kurt Angle story. The Miztourage is too good to be in this match. WWE still wants to ride on this train with Hardy’s and Jason.

 Prediction: Hardy’s & Jordan

SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The New Day (c) vs. The Usos (Kickoff Show)

I love The New Day and the crowd loves The New Day. Don’t get me wrong, The Usos have very much stepped up into this role of being a great heel tag team but they just aren’t there yet for an extended run. You had them win clean against TND on Smackdown Live so I don’t see the title changing hands. The rivalry will continue though.  

Prediction: The New Day

Big Show vs. Big Cass with Enzo Amore

This is a match that should be on the kickoff show. The shark tank gimmick is stupid. Unless a heel turn from Amore is coming, I hope this is quick. 

Prediction: Big Cass and his big dumb entrance music

Randy Orton vs. Rusev

Remember when everyone thought Rusev would be a legit world title contender before his injury? Good times. Him and Lana have something in common in storylines, and that’s being losers and terrible gimmick’s. Orton isn’t jobbing on another PPV to someone who isn’t going anywhere currently. 

Prediction: Orton

SmackDown Women’s Championship — Naomi (c) vs. Natalya

Naomi has not been a great woman’s champ. The only GLOW I’ve been feeling is GET LANA OFF WRESLTING the champ for zero reason, which has set up where we are today. That and these multi-women matches for contenders.  Anyway, Natalya wins and I don’t think Carmella comes out and cashes in her MITB. Seems too obvious but if she does I bet she Baron Corbin’s it. 

Prediction: Natalya

John Cena vs. Baron Corbin

Corbin got the LOL emoji’s after Tuesday night’s failed cash in. Corbin doesn’t excite me as a champion so I’m glad he doesn’t have that briefcase. If the rumor of Cena going to RAW is true, then give the win to Corbin for the heat as he “got rid of John Cena on SD Life” narrative. 

Prediction: Corbin

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

The demon king finally has been awoken for this match. He lost clean to Bray on Monday night so I see no reason to go for all this trouble in getting Balor in his makeup to loss again. I wouldn’t mind seeing this result create a new supernatural heel tag team. 

Prediction: Balor

Raw Tag Team Championship — Sheamus & Cesaro (c) vs. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Sheamus and Cesaro have done a great job as tag champs. Probably far exceeding anything I ever expected when it first came up. That time has come for them to drop the titles. You’ve had a tremendous build up to Ambrose and Rollins reuniting. I don’t see the WWE throwing a curve after all that. 2/3’s Shield winning seems like the direction needed and the money draw would be fantastic. 

Prediction: Shield Reunion

Raw Women’s Championship — Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks

I’m happy this isn’t Bliss vs Bayley. I’m tired of Bayley. Her character is stale and watered down. This match is now the two best women on the Raw brand in a title match I really don’t know who to pick. I could see Bliss winning and staying as champ for a few more months and Banks getting her chance to really shine as champ. I just don’t see WWE done with Bliss in the spotlight but Banks wins in some fashion that keeps Alexa hunting her down. 

Prediction: Banks

United States Championship — AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens with Shane McMahon as the special guest referee

Here’s a wild statement – there will be controversy in this match. This will easily be the match of the night. And as much as I enjoy them, this is where the train needs to stop. AJ needs to retain and move on with KO probably fighting Shane in an upcoming PPV. 

Prediction: AJ

WWE Championship — Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Everyone who reads the dirt sheets, knows the WWE is coming up on a tour of India and the biggest draw for that money will be the Canadian Mahal. I love how Nakamura has been built up since his main roster debut. He deserves to be in the title spotlight but I can see Jinder continuing to sell the narrative that he needs to cheat to win. These two will continue on and I’m willing to bet after the India tour, the title will change. 

Prediction: Mahal

Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman vs. Samoa Joe

I want nothing more than Samoa Joe to win this match. That’s a guy who has since day one on the main roster, done what has been needed to make him a legit top heel threat. I don’t see Lesnar losing and at the same time there’s too much money to be made on a Lesnar – Strowman match. Roman Reigns can go away. I feel bad for Joe in all of this because of how deserving he is. 

Prediction: Lesnar





One thought on “Around the Ring with TCB “Summer Slam Edition””

  1. This is pretty much spot on in my opinion. I agree with all predictions, except for the Naomi/Natalya match. I am one of the few who has kind of enjoyed Naomi as champ. I respect Natalya and she is very talented in the technical sense, but just thinking about her as champ is putting me to sleep right now.

    I was thinking there may be a tease of a Carmella cash in, and this causes a distraction, making someone eat the pin. I’m unsure of who will be the champ though. I think it’s too early after Corbin’s embarrassing cash in (who did he piss of backstage? Or is this setting up for Corbin to become a monster heel? I’m not impressed with him at all at this point so I’m unsure of where that goes. But I digress..) for Carmella to cash in as well, but it wouldn’t be the first time WWE blows their load way too early.

    I like the Balor/Wyatt idea. Although at this point, I don’t think Balor should be following the buzzards. Bray needs to be built back up again, he is the only cult leader I know who has no followers. If Balor/Wyatt are equals or Balor takes the lead here, I’d buy into that. I’m a huge Balor mark – he needs something to do other than feuding with Elias and being thrown in to random tag matches.

    I absolutely love the Usos as heels. I was pleasantly surprised by their turn. At first I was unsure. They looked like Bloods/Crips who just completed gang initiation. But their promos have been off the chain and the rap battle was epic (lol at WWE editing the Xavier Woods sick burn). I want New Day to retain simply because these guys all work great together and I want these teams to continue to keep chasing each other.

    Shark tank is stupid. I’m loving Big Show right now (he is jacked!), but ultimately I think he will put Cass over. And I can’t stand his music either. Big fail, CFO$.

    I’m marking out for the Shield reunion. Very smart of the writers to bring Ambrose and Rollins back together. They were going nowhere as singles and this is absolutely the right direction for both of them. BURN IT DOWN!

    Bayley is stale and definitely needs time off and a repackaging. Her weaknesses are apparent to even the casual fans. I’m loving Banks and Bliss.

    I think they’re moving Lana in the direction of a manager again, which is good because she is terrible in the ring. I think she will begin to manage Tamina.

    As for the epic fatal four way – I am loving Strowman and Joe right now. Who eats the pin here? Obviously not Lesnar. This match is the only one where I can’t really predict the outcome.

    Awesome write up and predictions. I will definitely continue to read the reviews and any future articles that are wrestling related. Thank you!

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