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Burgandy-And-Gold-Hour_LogoThe Burgundy and Gold Hour, a Redskins podcast hosted by Rick Snider and Matt Cones

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 13

After the Bye and a Win over the 49ers, Matt and Rick are back to recap and get you ready for the Monday night match-up vs the Eagles. First we get into the season ending injuries to John Allen and Dustin Hopkins. After the break we open up the Twitter mailbag to answer your questions and of course we get into the Nats playoff woes.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 12

Well the Skins couldn’t pull out the victory over the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, however there is still an excitement about the potential of the team. Rick and Matt cover every aspect of the game, we get into the defense, Cousins, and the resurrection of Vernon Davis.  Unfortunately its not all positive, we have to get into all the injuries from Monday night and how they will affect the team going forward.  After the break we get into your Twitter questions and talk about how far the Nationals can go in the playoffs this year.  Thanks for sticking with us through the technical issues we had this week, and since its a bye we are off next week.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 11

Coming off a huge win on Sunday night, Matt and Rick are here to let you know it was not a dream. Yes the defense was outstanding, are they that good or was it a fluke? Cousins and the offense was almost perfect, are they hitting their stride? We answer all these questions and we get into the Monday night game against Kansas City. We also answer your twitter questions and talk about the things that only interest Matt and Rick.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 10

This week on as the Washington Redskins World turns, Matt and Rick get into the Cravens scenario and the RG3 twitter rants about Santana Moss. After the drama we talk about the win over the Rams and get you ready for Sunday against the Raiders. After the break we get into your tweets and talk about the 30 for 30 Documentary about the 1987 Redskins Scab team.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 9

A new season, another Redskins loss. It’s not the way that we wanted to season to start, so we are here to recap for you. First we look at the poor performance by Kirk, the run game, and the offensive line. There were some positives in the loss, we cover Zach Brown and the play of the Secondary. After the break we answer your twitter questions, preview the game against the Rams, and get into the Nats division win.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 8

Are you ready for some real football? Well we got you covered! Get ready for the start of the regular season with the Burgundy and Gold Hour. We dive right in and discuss the S’ua Cravens situation and we give you our thoughts on the final 53 man roster. Of course we get you ready for the opener against the Eagles and give you our predictions. After the break we get into your twitter questions and talk about all the upsets this week in college football.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 7

Week 3 of the pre-season is in the books and we begin the show with breaking news of Phil Taylor suffering a leg injury and being placed on IR. We get into comments made by Kirk at his press conference after the Bengals game, and talk about if Kirk and Pryor are on the same page yet. After the break we preview Tampa (yeah right) get to your twitter questions and talk about what is interesting us this week.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 6

After another mediocre game against the Packers, Matt and Rick are back to discuss a few of the hot topics around the Redskins. First we get into a column Rick wrote a few weeks back that answers if Gruden is the new Norv Turner. We get into the loss of Spencer Long, and give you our picks to make the 53 man roster. After the break we talk McGregor vs Mayweather, the eclipse and even talk about Colin Kapernick.


Burgundy and Gold Season 3 episode 5

Rick and Matt are back from a trip to Bobby Van’s with full stomachs of steak and lobster. Kind of been a slow week in the world of the Washington Redskins, but we do our best to recap the game of game against the Ravens. The guys get into who impressed and who needs improvement before the start of the season. We get into the Nationals playoff chances and discuss if its acceptable to put ketchup on a hot dog.

Burgundy and Gold Hour Season 3 episode 4

After a weeks vacation, your favorite Redskins Podcast is back. Rick stopped by the ”studio” on his way back from training camp to discuss what he’s seen out of the team. Of course we answer your questions and discuss the Hall of Fame inductions from Saturday night.