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Burgandy-And-Gold-Hour_LogoThe Burgundy and Gold Hour, a Redskins podcast hosted by Rick Snider and Matt Cones

Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 14


After the bye week, Rick and Matt return to recap this weeks game against the Patriots. We break down whats wrong with the defensive line and what happened to running game. After the break the guys discuss the game against the Saints, give you our predictions and tell you what is important to us.

Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 13


What a comeback win by the Burgundy and Gold against the Bucs, so of course Matt and Rick are back with your recap. We look forward to the bye week and answer your twitter questions. There will not be a show next week so look for us in two weeks as we will recap the game (probably loss) to the Pats.

Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 12


On the 12th episode of the Burgundy and Gold Hour, we start out by going live to the park for Coach Gruden’s press conference. Rick grill Coach pretty good about the wind and “code red”. In reality we were joined by Robbie Duncan (@DeadeyeDunkan) from the Hog Sty Podcast who does a great Gruden impression. After the fun and games Rick and Matt get into the loss to the Jets and we set up this weeks matchup against the Bucs.

Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 11


Well even though the Skins lost to the Falcons we are back with a pretty upbeat show. We go off topic a lot and Rick tells some really entertaining stories of years past. Find out why JKC wasn’t on the show this week and get ready for the upcoming game against the Jets. Of course Rick gives his opinion about Maryland finally firing Edsall too.


Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 10


Well what do you know, another Win for the team means a new show. We recap everything from yesterdays win over the Eagles from Cousins’ performance in the game winning drive to how well the defense played. Even JKC is excited over the win!! We preview the upcoming game against the Falcons and we discuss the Nationals letting Matt Williams go as manager. Safe to say we cover what you want to hear

Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 9


Sorry for the delay but life got in the way. Rick and Matt are back for a thursday show, we recap the loss to the Giants and set up the game vs the Eagles this sunday. Even though its Thursday, JKC calls in and its a must listen. Keep sending in your twitter questions and thanks for all the support

Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 8


A Skins win means six free toppings!!! Rick and Matt go over the win against the Rams, highlight players that made plays in our eyes, and of course give you our picks for your six free toppings at Papa today. Even JKC is happy today because of the win. We set up Thursdays game against the Giants and of course give you some fantasy advice from our expert @Mattbroadrix. Tune in bask in the glory of a Skins win…we may not get many more this season



Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 7


Rick and Matt recap the season opener against the Dolphins, talk about the big injury to D Jax, and of course we get into the play of Kirk Cousins. While we are recording we get some breaking news and of course JKC joins us.

Keep sending in your twitter questions to @BandG_Hour

Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 6



Well Rick was allowed back into the country so he’s back from vacation. Rick and Matt get you caught up on all things Burgundy and Gold. Of course they talk about RG3, Kirk Cousins and the offense. They answer the question ”Is Gruden really on the hot seat?” and They preview the opener against the Dolphins. For all things Skins and Pizza check out the Burgundy and Gold Hour

Burgundy and Gold Hour episode 5


While Rick is vacationing through the Northern United States and Canada, the Burgundy and Gold Hour goes on. This week Matt is joined by his friend and fantasy minute host, Matt Broadrix. Matt and Matt break down the timeline of events surrounding Robert Griffin and the teams starting QB position. We give our thoughts on surprise guys who should make the team and we look ahead to week one vs the Dolphins. Rick will be back next week to give his expert opinion but until then enjoy our views from the stands.