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A pro wrestling (WWE, NXT, ROH, TNA, NJPW) podcast hosted by Fatt Matt and Todd Seemsuncertain

Gut Wrench Radio episode 37

This weeks show we preview NXT Takeover Chicago and Smackdown Live’s Backlash. But first we chat about Adam Cole being fired from the Bullet Club and his future in WWE. We talk a little about the Randy Orton ”Dive” comments. We also give you our Top 5 Worst PPV Names of All Time!

Gut Wrench Radio episode 36

Matt and Todd are back to give you their thoughts on WWE Payback, specifically the House of Horrors match. We talk about all the guys that WWE has been signing and is continuing to sign. We get an update about the Broken Hardys gimmick being used in WWE, The Vince Movie, and the WWE Women’s Tournament this summer. We also introduce our ”Top 5’s” this weeks Top 5 is Greatest Managers of All Time.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 35

The greatest tag team in all of time and space is back with a new show for you. We hit on all types of topics from WWE purchasing the Hardy’s “Broken” gimmick from Impact to whats wrong with the WWE Women’s division. Remember to follow @GutWrenchRadio on twitter, rate and review the show on iTunes, and spend some cash on or and use the code Gut Wrench to save some money.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 34

Mania season has come and gone, so get caught up with your favorite wrestling podcast. Matt and Todd get everyone caught up on NXT, Wrestlemania 33, and the Superstar Shake Up. #GWR

Gut Wrench Radio Interviews Justin LaBar

He joined us a few years ago to set up Wrestlemania when we were the NWO of Podcasts. Well he’s back to answer all the questions about this years Mania. Justin is very plugged into the wrestling world and answers the question ”Why we shouldn’t be mad about AJ Styles vs Shane O’Mac” among others. Give it a listen and make sure you let @JustinLaBar know you enjoyed his interview on the show.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 30

After a disappointing Fast Lane PPV, Matt and Todd are here to go over everything in the world of Pro Wrestling. We recap Fast Lane, Raw, and Smackdown. After the break we get into the situation brewing between Anthem/Impact Wrestling and the Broken Hardy Family. We also recap and give our thoughts about Ring of Honors 15th Anniversary PPV from Friday night. Remember to follow and tweet with us @GutWrenchRadio using the hashtag #GWR

Gut Wrench Radio episode 29

After a long break your favorite wrestling podcast is back. Matt and Todd are reunited to discuss breaking news. We start with all the news about the Hardy’s and their futures with Impact Wrestling. After the break we get into all things WWE, from KO and Y2J to Bray Wyatt as the WWE Champion

Gut Wrench Radio episode 26


Get ready for WWE Roadblock with your favorite wrestling podcast. First we give you all the details of the WWE UK Tournament that was announced this week and of course we get into Total Nonstop Deletion. After the break we give you our picks for Roadblock ”End of the Line” and finish off with some quick hits

Gut Wrench Radio episode 22


After a short layoff your boys are back with all your news and rumors in the world of pro wrasslin’. We get right into the drama surrounding TNA and update you on the court ruling that happened on Monday. We chat about the new streaming service FloSlam, get into all the stuff happening down in NXT, and talk a little Smackdown! Live. After the break we get into Hell in a Cell and give you our thoughts on the PPV, then we wrap it all nice in a bow with some Quick Hits.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 21


Just as we are about to record we are hit with some breaking TNA news. So of course we cover that from all sides for you. Then after the break we cover Goldberg’s return to RAW, the Paige suspension drama, and her upcoming surgery. We recap No Mercy and our trip to NXT along with a recap of Wednesdays NXT show on the WWE Network. We try to cover everything from the world of Pro Wrestling, if you enjoy the show make sure you are giving us a 5 Star rating on iTunes