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A pro wrestling (WWE, NXT, ROH, TNA, NJPW) podcast hosted by Fatt Matt and Todd Seemsuncertain

Gut Wrench Radio episode 22


After a short layoff your boys are back with all your news and rumors in the world of pro wrasslin’. We get right into the drama surrounding TNA and update you on the court ruling that happened on Monday. We chat about the new streaming service FloSlam, get into all the stuff happening down in NXT, and talk a little Smackdown! Live. After the break we get into Hell in a Cell and give you our thoughts on the PPV, then we wrap it all nice in a bow with some Quick Hits.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 21


Just as we are about to record we are hit with some breaking TNA news. So of course we cover that from all sides for you. Then after the break we cover Goldberg’s return to RAW, the Paige suspension drama, and her upcoming surgery. We recap No Mercy and our trip to NXT along with a recap of Wednesdays NXT show on the WWE Network. We try to cover everything from the world of Pro Wrestling, if you enjoy the show make sure you are giving us a 5 Star rating on iTunes

Gut Wrench Radio episode 20


Before we head to #NXTBaltimore we decided to record a show live from Todd’s house. We cover all the recent news and rumors about the ongoing sale of TNA. The boys discuss a little Bound for Glory and then get into No Mercy picks and thoughts.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 19

GutWrenchRadio_Logo-FinalA few days late, but your boys are back. We get deep into the potential sale of TNA and if the WWE will ultimately end up with purchasing the company. Matt and Todd give you the guys from TNA that we would love to see end up in WWE or NXT. We take some calls and answer some voicemails on the show as well. After the break we get into Clash of Champions and give you some other news from the world of Pro Wrestling

Gut Wrench Radio episode 18


With Night of Champions this weekend, Matt and Todd are back with our picks and preview. But first we get into some TNA talk. Who from TNA is WWE sending out feelers too? Was the offer WWE submitted to buy TNA a real offer? Well you will have to listen to find out. Remember to rate and review us on iTunes, and give us a follow @GutWrenchRadio on twitter. #GWR4Life


Gut Wrench Radio episode 17


The boys are back to recap Backlash, CM Punk’s UFC fight, the Alberto Del Rio and Paige Saga comes to a close, and of course we get into the CWC and the New Cruiserweight Champion


Gut Wrench Radio episode 16


Your boys are back to preview Backlash, talk about the release of ADR and what the future holds for Paige. We get into our feelings about CM Punk in the UFC, and what chances he has at 203. Also we talk about TNA and the Delete or Decay match at the Hardy compound.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 15


Kind of a grab bag on this weeks episode of #GWR. The first half of the show we talk Kevin Owens big Universal Title win on Raw. We get into the possibilities of where the angle will go with HHH, and of course there are haters that we have to address. After the break we get into a variety of topics from TNA, WWE, NXT, CWC and we get into PWI’s 500.

Gut Wrench Radio episode 14


Here is our reactions to a great weekend of wrestling. We kick off with a short recap of ROH the we get into the best event of the weekend NXT Take Over Brooklyn II. After the break we get into SummerSlam, Raw and Smackdown Live. It’s a 90 minute special as we get some things off our chests. Make sure you listen to the whole thing cause it’s #GLORIOUS


Gut Wrench Radio episode 13


There is a ton of wrestling this weekend and your boys have you covered. We give you our picks for ROH, NXT and Summerslam. We get into the recent changes to TNA and discuss Kenny Omega winning the G1 Climax Tournament in NJPW. Its a packed show for you so enjoy it marks