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The Rains of podCastamere episode 2


Katie and Matt Broadrix are back for a mid season discussion of Game of Thrones. They get you caught up on whats been happening in the first five episodes and look forward to the rest of the season

The Rains of podCastamere – Episode 1


Introducing a new Game of Thrones podcast, The Rains of podCastamere. Join your hosts Matt Broadrix and Katie as they look back at season five of Game of Thrones and get you ready for the season six premiere. Broadrix and Katie are super fans of the show. Broadrix is a show watcher while Katie is a book reader, so you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy and spread the word of the show to all your Game of Thrones friends.

The Fatt Matt Show episode 23 “aPODcalypse Recap”


We are back to recap the aftermath of the aPODcalypse. Burnsie from Big Brown and Burnsie was cool enough to call in and give us some skinny. Then we get into the usual, a story about an orgy at an AirBNB in Canada and of course a story about white trash in Florida.

The Fatt Matt Music Show


Ever since I bought my podcasting equipment I’ve wanted to play DJ. Today I did it!! It’s an hour of songs picked out by your boy. I play songs that I like, it’s mostly heavy music but its good. Trust me! If you guys like it, I’ll do another one. You can send requests to me on twitter and I’ll play them on the next show

aPODcalypse 2016 “A Man and His Sock”


That’s right, its that time of the year again. Your boys from Chupacabra Radio all get together in a hotel room, but this time its not for gay sex. Listen as the guys from The Matt and JB show, Big Brown and Burnsie, The Fatt Matt Show, and The NWO of podcasting give you two hours of radio gold. Of course Burns hits us with a great story right at the top and the madness continues for the whole show. Enjoy and support all the shows on the network

The Fatt Matt Show episode 21 “FingersInTheBootyAssBitch”


Your favorite podcast is back with a brand new episode. Matt and Katie discuss the Kanye West twitter rave out and how Amber Rose had the greatest tweet of all time. We discuss a man from Florida who stole all the chicken nuggets from Burger King. You get a glimpse into our relationship as well and what Matt deals with on a daily basis.


The Fatt Matt Show Episode 20 “The Return of the Pervs”


Yes that’s right, as promised, Matt and Katie are back. Thank you to all of you who tweeted, messaged and asked when we were doing another show. Well it happened…We get everyone caught up on our whereabouts, go over some recent current events and then bring back and old favorite. We read some new posts from Craigslist and Katie gives us an update on the infamous glory hole story from the previous Craigslist show. It’s good to be back, so make sure you stick with us!

The Fatt Matt Show Episode 19 “Alligator F*ck House”


After two months off, Matt and Katie return with a new episode of the Fatt Matt Show. We catch everyone up on what we have been up to. We also discuss a Florida guy who had sex with an alligator, the idiot father in Philly who doesn’t know who Princess Leia is, and we answer Burnsie’s question about women in Southern Maryland

The Fatt Matt Show episode 18 “Casual Encounters”

craigslist_casual_encountersWe catch everyone up on what we’ve been up to lately then we read funny craigslist posts from the casual encounters section

It’s a Bit of a Show presents the 2015 Nubbies Awards


Matt Broadrix, Texter Manley, & Fatt Matt Cones present the 2015 Nubbies! Special guest appearances by Drab T-shirt, Bret Oliverio, Blue Shorts, Paulieflix, John from Mechanicsville, & Chris Farley!