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The Fatt Matt Show episode 17 “It’s Doo Doo Baby”



Matt and Katie return to the airwaves for episode 17. Special Guest and one of the best follows on twitter @RandomDonk joins us to discuss everything that happened this week with Opie and Anthony and also Ron and Fez. After a great call from Donk, Matt and Katie talk about a plane that had to return to the airport after a passenger had explosive diarrhea and we debut a new segment called ”Things Katie is confused by”




The Fatt Matt Show episode 16 “Rock Star or Porn Star??”



The Fatt Matt Show debuts a new game called Rock Star or Porn Star. Matt Broadrix calls in to play the game against Katie. We also chat about the Last of Us and the PS4, how crazy two year old kids can be, and an 82 year old lady on Tinder. Keep checking and remember to vote for the 2015 Nubbies Awards Show


The Fatt Matt Show episode 15 “The Dress”


After a short break Matt and Katie are back with episode 15. We recap the Grammy’s and Oscars. Talk about the Podcast ”Liar City” and Evangelical Churches. Then it turns into the Katie show as Katie talks about ”The Dress” that went viral and Matt chimes in with zings and other nonsense.

The Fatt Matt Show episode 14 “When Worlds Collide”

crossoverMatt and Katie start things off with talking about the real life story of Pet Cemetery and how Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman. Then worlds collide when the Fatt Matt Show and The Matt and JB come together to make podcasting magic. We discussed the details behind the aPODcolypse and the 2015 Nubbies awards. Give it a listen and support all the shows on……..LAY!!!

The Fatt Matt Show episode 13 “A List Guest”

sidebar_faqMatt and Katie are back with lucky number 13. We were joined by Washington Post Express Columnist, 106.7 The Fan Blogger, Author, Food Expert, and family friend Rick Snider. We discuss everything from the Redskins to Food. Check it out and follow @Snide_Remarks on twitter. Also when you think the show ends…it doesn’t. The power flashed so there’s a funny ending to the show

The Fatt Matt Show episode 12 “32 Z Titties”


Matt and Katie are back to kick off 2015 a few weeks late. We get into a chick with size 32Z tits, preview the 2015 Blockbuster Movies that we are excited about and we discuss the Coz and his love of creepin on chicks.

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The Fatt Matt Show episode 11 “Look Out Man”


Matt and Katie tackle all the topical stories of the week. We debate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2015, talk about the Sony hacks and Sony pulling the movie The Interview and we also take a poll about panties/lingerie. Give it a listen and keep checking

The Fatt Matt Show episode 10 “Elf on a Shelf”


Matt and Katie are back after the holidays with a new episode. They discuss Elf on a Shelf, how lame ”Eaten Alive” was and Katie brings a funny list to the show about people from Florida. Make sure you are checking out for all things Fatt Matt

The Fatt Matt Show episode 9 “Party-Cast”

Fatt Matt, Katie, Kevin Hope and Jenni are partying in the back bedroom and decided to record a show. We get into the DC music scene, talk about the Concert for Valor, the DC episode of Sonic Highways and talk about the local music scene and Kevin’s band Throwback.

The Fatt Matt Show episode 8 “Drone Boning”

Matt and Katie are here to entertain you. This week they talk about the Discovery Channel show ”Eaten Alive” and talk about the new genre of porn and the movie called Drone Boning. Make sure you are following @fattmattshow on twitter and you like the Fatt Matt Show on Facebook!