The Fatt Matt Show episode 11 “Look Out Man”


Matt and Katie tackle all the topical stories of the week. We debate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2015, talk about the Sony hacks and Sony pulling the movie The Interview and we also take a poll about panties/lingerie. Give it a listen and keep checking

The Fatt Matt Show episode 10 “Elf on a Shelf”


Matt and Katie are back after the holidays with a new episode. They discuss Elf on a Shelf, how lame ”Eaten Alive” was and Katie brings a funny list to the show about people from Florida. Make sure you are checking out for all things Fatt Matt

The Fatt Matt Show episode 9 “Party-Cast”

Fatt Matt, Katie, Kevin Hope and Jenni are partying in the back bedroom and decided to record a show. We get into the DC music scene, talk about the Concert for Valor, the DC episode of Sonic Highways and talk about the local music scene and Kevin’s band Throwback.

The Fatt Matt Show episode 8 “Drone Boning”

Matt and Katie are here to entertain you. This week they talk about the Discovery Channel show ”Eaten Alive” and talk about the new genre of porn and the movie called Drone Boning. Make sure you are following @fattmattshow on twitter and you like the Fatt Matt Show on Facebook!

The Fatt Matt Show episode 5 “Women aren’t Funny”

Matt is once again joined by his co host Katie. They discuss Ghostbusters 3, Synthetic Weed, and Nirvana Covers. At the end of the show Matt closes with a Nirvana cover that he actually likes. Make sure you listen all the way thru and let Matt know what you think of the song